DPI Sophomore Aleena Jangda and Alum Bryan Denton in the NY Times

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Photo of a woman in a hijab reading a Quran in her living room.

With the coronavirus quarantine restrictions Muslim families had to adjust their Ramadan routines. In Old Westbury, N.Y., where usual Ramadan nights would be spent in the mosque, Munira Jangda took a few peaceful moments at home to pray, and read the Quran, while her family was preoccupied. Credit: Aleena Jangda

Aleena Jangda, a current sophomore in the Department of Photography & Imaging, had her work featured in under the headline of a recent article in The New York Times about the experience of observing Ramadan during a quarantine. Alum Bryan Denton had his photography featured as part of the article as well.

A man sits at small table in a living room, speaking into a laptop camera.

In La Crescenta, Calif., via live-streaming, Dr. Saleh Kholaki, the chairman of the religious committee at the Islamic Center of Southern California, led worshipers in prayer and Quranic recitation at the beginning of Ramadan. Credit: Bryan Denton