DPI Prof. Snow Yunxue Fu Presents @ 1st Tsinghua International Conference on Art and Design Education

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

flyer for event with colorized background and geometric shapes. All text is repeated below  & details event info.

Professor Snow Yunxue Fu will present on cross-disciplinary post-photo 3D imaging curriculum in the upcoming conference this week hosted by the prestigious Chinese Tsinghua University (清华大学) Department of Art and Design as the 1st Tsinghua International Conference on Art and Design Education (ICADE 2021) “ASK: Our Diverse World” at the end of this month, with our NYU Tisch Dean Allyson Green and the Executive Administration Director Annie Stanton, as well as showcasing selected 3D Imaging students' artworks from the NYU Tisch Photography & Imaging Department in conjunction with the international exhibition of both the Tsinghua and global art and design students!

Congratulations to our DPI Students and Professor Fu! 

Event Information

Ask: Our Diverse World

International Academic Symposia of Art & Design Education
Tsinghua International Conference on Art & Design Education
ICADE 2021

Featuring Works by DPI Students

Grace Redman

Brian Uchiyama

Cydney Blitzer

Lukas Sheehan

Katerina Vo

Naitian Wang

Yqui Zhang

Junyan Hu

Yuhong Fu

Isabelle Beauchamp

Fallon McDonald

Juliana Spitz