Catching up with DPI Faculty Joseph Rodriguez

Monday, Nov 6, 2017

Joseph Rodriguez, acclaimed photojournalist long-time Department of Photography & Imaging adjunct faculty member, has an upcoming exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center and several recent features in major publications.

El Barrio in the 80's - NY Times Lens Blog

In connection with his upcoming exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center, the Lens Blog recently published a selection from Rodriguez's archive depicting vibrant and complex slices of life from Spanish Harlem in the 1980's. 

Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the '80's will be on view at the Bronx Documentary Center from November 11 - December 23, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Saturday 11/11 at 6:00PM. More Info


Life After Hurricaine Maria - NY Times
Rodriguez collaborated with Columbia professor and journalist Ed Morales to document the aftermath of Hurricaine Maria in Puerto Rico. The feature was produced by Jeffrey Henson Scales, also a DPI faculty member.


My Fares - NY Magazine

Rodriguez shares images and reflections from the time he spent working as a NYC cabdriver from 1977-85.