Alum Kristiina Wilson, Editor-in-chief of You Do You, Interviewed by JWT Intelligence

Friday, Sep 2, 2016

Alumna Kristiina Wilson was interviewed in J. Walter Thompson Intelligence on her work as Editor-in-chief of You do You, a non-profit, collaborative fashion blog for "all sizes, ages, colors, abilities, and genders." She sat down with the Innovation Group to discuss why she and collaborator Logan Jackson created the platform: 

I worked in fashion as a photographer for over 10 years, and became really frustrated with how binary that industry is. I wear a lot of menswear. My assistant is a man, but he wears a lot of womenswear. I just felt that there wasn’t a site that catered to people like us. There’s Refinery29 for women, and there’s Mr. Porter for guys, but there’s nothing that’s just clothes for people.

Kristiina Wilson is a fashion photographer and alumna of Photography & Imaging. She is based in New York. Follow her on Instragram @kristiinawilson.