Professor Snow Fu Presents at This Year’s SIGGRAPH Event

A screen capture of a virtual figure interacting with images

Event Date/Time: Friday, December 9, 2022 – 4PM EDT/21:00 GMT

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Session Description 

Professor Snow Fu  has been invited by ACM SIGGRAPH to present about the Metaverse VR WSPark Project (co-hosted by DSLCollection) at the upcoming online panel of New Media Architecture(s): A Speculative Vision of Change in the Arts, Design, & Sciences, thanks to the organizers Gustavo Rincon and Liliana Gallegos.


What are the imagined dimensional flows, shapes, and spaces within contemporary Arts, Design, and Science research? How are creativity, intelligence, practice, and theory measured against our systemic societal narratives controlling our world today? Our spaces can be conceptually qualified through a formalization of space and time while also being quantified by measuring observations of behaviors and exchanges of information within the many complex systems that make up our various concatenated modern experiences.

Our awareness of time can be imagined in, out, and/or via reconceptualizing Non-Western modes of thought. Will we as researchers have the immediate courage to address the future by engaging the grand challenges (climate) that limit our full evolutionary human potential right now? What are the limiting factors that stop our local and global communities from banding together and addressing the urgent questions of access, education, and systemic inequality.

This session will explore the conceptual implications of the potentiality of new visions for change in contemporary research practice combining the Arts, Design, and Sciences in A.I., (AR/VR/XR/Real) Worlds & Verses, and Speculative Design Futures.

What are the foundational systemic elements adapting to our existing societal changes that make up our world today?  How will myriad technological languages of experimentation affect socially mediated paradigms of experiences in the age of quantum computing?

This dialogue brings leaders of Media Arts, Design (Architectures), and Computational Science researchers together to discuss and challenge the existing canonical definitions and conceptual frameworks of the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

About Metaverse Washington Square Park – VR WSPark Project:

VR WSPark is designed as a metaverse VR exhibition space resembling NYC’s Washington Square Park on the Social VR Platform Sansar by Snow Yunxue Fu – Artist, Curator, and Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, co-hosted by DSLCollection. The virtual show space is devoted to the curated 3D Imaging artworks of Fu and her students, as well as other curatorial digital projects. It aims to function as a virtual cultural hub for additional events, lectures, and showings in the metaverse.

Snow Yunxue Fu is a New Media Artist, Curator, and Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Institute of Emerging Media. Working with imaging technologies, such as 3D Simulation, AR, XR, and the Metaverse, she creates computer-rendered images, moving images, interactive projects, installations, etc, and merges sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and interdisciplinary explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the techno sublime.