DPI Professor Snow Yunxue Fu featured in Speculative Sinofuturisms web exhibition

Shirts hung on a rack tied together with another shirt hung on the middle of the knot

DPI Professor Snow Yunxue Fu will be showing her artwork, Daughter ICE (International Conceptual E-human) in the Speculative Sinofuturisms web exhibition as part of the Pavilion in the 6th Wrong Biennale, also featured by Grin Cupola. The online exhibition is on view through November and can be seen via the following link: https://speculative-sinofuturisms.common.garden/

Speculative Sinofuturisms showcases artists grappling with the frantic forward-facing temporality of our contemporary reality through a sui generis Chinese lens. The exhibit functions as a much-needed exploratory sandbox highlighting contemporary Chinese art. Drawing inspiration from Lawrence Lek's video essay "Sinofuturism (1839–2049 AD)," this exhibition builds on the tentative hopefulness Lek nurtures concerning the specter of the Chinese future. Though abandoning historical Orientalism, the fabrication of an ultra-technical Eastern narrative by the West appropriates and commodifies an East Asian visual language. This paints a picture of the East as an uber-modern dystopia that effectively heightens the narrative of the nameless, faceless Asian masses championed by the West with an additional undercurrent of unease. Speculative Sinofuturisms seek to draw the narrative surrounding China inward and codifying contemporary Chinese art by immersing artists in discourse concerning their "Janus-like" temporal context. The exhibit also aims to inject a much-needed pulse of authenticity and humanity into the often polarizing, post-human discourse concerning China. Through exhibiting various artists' takes on what lies ahead, we ultimately aim to peer beyond temporal barriers and explore labyrinthine futures through a myriad of mediums and theoretical frameworks. In essence, we invite mature (18+) viewers into a virtual montage of futurity. Join us in our speculative dreamscape.

Curator: Amy Kan. Artists: Sian Fan, Snow Yunxue Fu, Jiusi Zhang, Yasmine Anlan Huang, Lin Ke, He Zike, Yuge Zhou, Jiaqi Li, Gongmo Zhou, Gangao Lang, Ye Funa & Kate Roger, Shen Linghao, Carrie Chen & Ingram Mao, LazyBackHome, Eager Zhang, Hu Rui, Yuqing Lin, Huang Jieyuan, 煦 (Susie Zhu), zhaoyuefan, Sun Xiaoxing & He Rui, and Yuan Xu.