DPI Prof. Snow Yunxue Fu Virtual Co-Opening of VR WSPark & DSLCollection on Sansar: Art Exhibitions in the Metaverse

virtual rendering of washington square park, including the ws arch and scenery

Join us for the Virtual Co-Opening of VR WSPark & DSLCollection on Sansar Projects on Saturday, November 27th at 9-10am New York Time / 10-11pm China Time / 3-4pm Paris Time


VR WSPark ​is designed as a virtual reality cosmopolitan park resembling NYC’s Washington Square Park, presented on the Social VR Platform Sansar, supported by the DSLCollection. The showcase is devoted to the curated 3D Imaging artworks of Prof. Snow Yunxue Fu and her students from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photo and Imaging. It also functions as a virtual cultural hub for additional events, lectures, and showings in the metaverse.

The first exhibition in the VR WSPark project is titled “The Land of Post-Photo“. The exhibiting artists include Ming Shiu, Melody Ball, Liz Speiser, Tonia Zhang, Fiona Beswick, Isabelle Beauchamp, Tony Wang, Devan Marz, Grace Redman, Yvette Fu, Snow Yunxue Fu, and V-Human Avatar.

Virtual Washington Square Park NYU Tisch Students Exhibition and DSLCollection on the Social VR Platform by Configreality and Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum. Organized by NYU Tisch Professor Snow Yunxue Fu, Configreality, and DSLCollection.

3d concept rendering of washington square park - trees, structures, etc.

3d concept rendering of grey structure, red lines

 3d concept drawing of red structures

DSLCollection on Sansar online art space is a cross-border collaboration with Configuration Space and Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum. The works of 8 contemporary Chinese artists collected by DSLCollection are placed in the virtual world based on their creative context and Stylistic elements have created eight customized virtual space derivative art experiences with different styles and a high degree of integration. Through interactive design and sound interaction, art appreciation is re-appeared in a gesture of embracing the public, allowing people to watch artworks The way of art has been expanded and enhanced, so that non-professional audiences who are not interested in art and do not know how to approach art can also enjoy the right to resonate with art.

Event Details of the Main Methods for Joining the Opening Virtually:

The opening event will be available everywhere on Saturday, November 27th: 9-10am New York Time / 10-11pm China Time / 3-4pm Paris Time

There are three main methods below for you to join the opening: