Senior Show Two 2023

An illustration of student artwork hanging on the walls in a gallery setting

The second show of thesis projects from the Class of 2023 opens March 27th, 2023.

SHOW TWO  is an exhibition featuring works in photography, digital imaging, and multimedia by 19 graduating seniors from the Class of 2023 in New York University’s Department of Photography & Imaging at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

SHOW TWO  is the second in a series of two BFA exhibitions of the work of the graduating Photography & Imaging class. It is installed in the 1st floor rear lobby and the 8th Floor Gallery at 721 Broadway (at Waverly Place). It will remain on view through May 19th, 2023

A reception for the show will take place on March 30th, 2023 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

The 2023 DPI BFA Exhibition presents 40 artistic thesis projects from this year's graduating class of the next generation of artists. Expanding across the first and eighth floor of NYU Tisch, the exhibition features everything from photographs, images, books, videos,  sounds, installations, and interactive experiences. The artists in this year’s graduating class go above and beyond traditional notions of the photograph, blurring the lines between mediums, materials, and fields of knowledge, to redefine what it means to be a photographer, an artist, and a student in a constantly evolving world. Their work addresses contemporary themes of identity, the body, place, time, spirituality, technology, memory, and globalization and serves as their capstone project providing just a peek into what they’ve learned during their time at NYU, a school that fosters global perspectives and critical thinkers. Below are all the names and titles of the artists and their projects featured in this exhibition.


Valentina Beauchamp

A process drawing inwards, and, extending outwards through nature.

Ashley Chung

Tethered is my ode to falling down when growing up, an affirmation to my former self for all that she conquered; a reminder to my future self to unceasingly honor her progress; a love letter to the infinite me, sincerely from the present.

Audrey Cibel                                                              

"Her Seeds Sewn By My Hands" is a craft arts series of biomorphic soft sculptures that reflect spiritual binds to women and to nature’’s fluid design.                                                                                    

Antonella Cueva

Hysteria is a safe space for non-men to highlight and discuss what it is like living in a society that continuously prioritizes men.

Xavier Howell

Exploring themes of isolation, reflection, individual reality and growth, I utilize 3D rendering in order to encode and communicate my experiences with PTSD and pull focus to the many planes of existence while highlighting my transience between them.

Savannah Faith Jackson

Photographs of mothers and daughters together.

Ned Jacobs

INTER///MEDIUM is an interdisciplinary audiovisual project divided into three movements that cover different facets of the artist's life using audio-responsive code to manipulate still images.

Aleena Jangda

Inshallah, we will grow old together chronicles almost forty years of acclimation, growth, and love between one couple in an arranged marriage

Sam Lee                                                                     

My project “Where Is the Road to the Road?” | "أین الطری ُق إلى الطریق؟" set out to record the perspectives of Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel who endure trials of conflict, separation and occupation, with the goal of illuminating for myself and audiences at home Palestinians’ present, hopes for the future, and what they want Americans to understand.

Andres Lemus Acevedo

I cataloged my life through its emotional fluctuation, where one side is perpetually limited, and the other feels eternal - abusing my highs and lows to finance the gambling addiction I have with my future.

S and M

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) comes in many different forms, and this is my journey in overcoming Contamination OCD.

Brandon Tolga Sağlam

Hüzün is a concept in Turkish art that connects to an atmosphere of melancholy and is often found in Turkish literature. My work is an interpolation of these concepts to fit my observations of the contemporary environment which I exist in.

Lukas Sheehan                                                                                                          

Golem of Prague.

Liz Speiser

Mothers of Thread taps into the history of craft as an art of rebellion, maximalism, and femininity, analyzing how folk arts and the older women who perfect and pass them on are exiled in the canon of art history.

Aldi Victoria

An artistic, nonlinear timeline of a mother and daughter's individual upbringings, brought together by the life they currently share.

Tommy Wu

The project is a set of very abstract photographs reinterpreting traditional art practices with modern technology, using digital photography and post processing to produce impressionistic landscape-like imagery.

Kevin Xu

Mindscapes aims to explore the blurring border between reality and the digital world.

Snow (Ruobing) Yang

“Water is the softest and most yielding substance. Yet nothing is better than water, for overcoming the hard and rigid, because nothing can compete with it.” Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Alexander Zeren

Of the Body I Made by Alexander Zeren is a project that seeks to express the artist's struggles with body image and self-love and his journey toward conquering them both.