DPI 2022 BFA Virtual Exhibition

DPI 2022 BFA Virtual Exhibition grid of images including portraits, objects, landscapes, environmental photos

The DPI BFA 2022 Exhibition showcases 44 senior thesis projects from the graduating class of 2022 in the NYU Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging. The projects run the gamut from traditional-lens based-portraiture and documentary imagery to experimental, multimedia, and conceptually photo-based works. 

In this exhibition

Abbigail Hong
하나님의 모든 자녀들 All of God's Children


Alex Montgomery
American Cuisine for the New Home Cook


Amber McKenzie
The Philosophy of Water: Reflections on Refractions 


Austin Fenn
Reality's Rhetoric


Camilla Szabo
What we do to the earth we do to our bodies 


Christiana Nelson
What Happened This Time?


Daniel Kyungjun Kim
Made in America


Daniela Bologna
Memory Taxidermy


Dawson Batchelder
Regard It Like A Dove


Devan Marz
Sessions: 2021


Elena Gutierrez / elena xo


Emily Contreras Gómez


Emma Kaufman
Special Edition: Style Guide


Eric Hart Jr.
When I Think About Power


Fallon McDonald
I Love You, Anni and Josef


Finnegan Schneider
Making A Photograph (Pt. 1)


Fiona Beswick
Red Corner


Ines Bu
g̶i̶r̶lboss: powerful and empowered


Isabelle Beauchamp


Ivo Thomas

Make Maps, Not Photos


Jean Zamora

Staring Death in the Face


Jeff Thomas

Bull in a China Shop


Jiaqi Liu
The Clock


Judy Zhang
The sun is rising, I’m still awake

Juliana Spitz
To Juliana Lots of Love 


Kala Herh
On the Front Lines: Portraits of AAPI Activists


Layton Davis
Designing Negatives



The Newtown Creek 


Modupe Lamikanra


Momo Takahashi
Where We Call Home


Natasha Fenga


Natasha Irina Segebre
There Is Something To Be Said About The Night


Owen Gavis
Industrial Revolutions: Algorithmic Outputs: 1-5 


Rhianydd Hylton
These Roots of Ours


Siyeh Sophia Chung
Green Is the New Black


Sofia Castillo


Sophie Yewell


Talia Rose Barton
Subscribe Now


Tatiana Maxwell
Portrait of Death


Ted Taekeun Kim


Wyatt Coe


Wyatt Humphreys
American Framework: An Unbrainwashing


Yi Pan


Yvette Fu
Free Fall 


Zayira Ray
Brown Love