Hiring Graduate Student Assistants

Information for Faculty

Please note that graduate students who work for the department are covered under the collective bargaining agreement with UAW Local 2110, and that this places a number of constraints on the department and may also have financial implications.

Faculty members who wish to hire a student worker, whether undergraduate or graduate, should contact Administrative Director Noel Rodriguez at nr22@nyu.edu at the earliest opportunity and provide the following information:

  • Student name
  • Dates the work will start and end. Appointments will be for one semester or for the summer, but may be shorter.
  • Does the student have a teaching assignment during the same time period? Hourly appointments for graduate students who also hold teaching assignments will have to be approved by Department Chair.
  • Hourly rate. $16/hr minimum.
  • Expected number of hours per week. Graduate students may be employed a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Brief description of duties
  • Source of funds. A 30% fringe rate will be charged to source for payment processing fees.

The process for appointments is as follows:

  • Faculty member provides the Administrative Director with the information listed above.
  • Student obtains an On Campus Student Employment Application form and has it signed by the Wasserman Center (see below).
  • Student takes the signed On Campus Student Employment Application form to the Administrative Director and signs an appointment letter. 
  • Administrative Director obtains any necessary approvals and forwards all required paperwork to TSOA HR.
  • TSOA processes the appointment paperwork. This can take up to two weeks.

Please note that prior to the student receiving an appointment letter, communication with the student should make it clear that the appointment is provisional.

Information for Students

Step 1: You will need to complete an On-Campus Student Employment Form, available on Albert by selecting "Wasserman On-Campus Student Employment Registration" at the bottom-right of the screen.

You should complete the Initial Appointment Form B and visit the Wasserman Center in person to have the form approved if you have NOT worked at NYU before or it has been more than three years since you last worked at NYU.

You should submit the Reappointment Form A, but is not required to visit the Wasserman Center in person or submit another Form I-9, if you have worked at NYU within the past 3 years, AND you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Note: Returning international student employees must visit the office to show documentation. 

You will need to know your supervisor’s name, the hourly rate to be paid, and the duration of the appointment as this information must be included on the form.

More information and links are available on the Wasserman website.

Step 2:  Once the Wasserman Center has approved you for employment and signed the On-Campus Student Employment Form, you should present the form to the Department Administrator, who will complete the appointment process with TSOA HR and have you sign an appointment letter. 

Once the process with TSOA HR is complete, you will be able to enter your hours into time sheets.

Time Sheets and Payment 

Most payroll functions are managed through PeopleSync, a system of record for all employee, organizational, and payroll data across the University. In PeopleSync you can:

     • View your job, personal, and contact information
     • Sign-up for and manage your direct deposit
     • View and print copies of your payslips
     • Make your retirement benefit elections

PeopleSync is accessible via NYUHome

If you notice something amiss with your pay and would like to speak to someone, contact PeopleLink

myTime is the NYU-wide web-based timekeeping system that tracks time worked and time-off balances. Hourly paid staff and students use myTime, as do supervisors to approve timesheets and time-off requests. The myTime website has information for student workers and approvers.

When do I get paid?
The disbursement schedule is different for different types of employees. The current schedules for all types of employees are available on the NYU Payroll website