Performance Studies Space Use Policy

The Department of Performance Studies studio, classroom, and other common spaces are provided for the purpose of optimizing students’ academic experience. We recognize that as a community of scholar-artists, this means accommodating a range of activities within those spaces. In the interests of safety and fairness, we have instituted the policies set forth below to govern use of department space/facilities.

All students are expected to comply with all TSOA and NYU policies governing conduct and use of all NYU facilities. In addition, Performance Studies (PS) has established specific policies and procedures regarding the assignment and use of space in the Department (studio, classrooms, and common areas). If you are using, or planning to use, any of these spaces outside of regularly-scheduled class meetings, please understand that these policies apply to you.

If you would like to reserve any of these spaces for your own use, you may do so subject to the guidelines and restrictions listed below. You will be asked to sign a document acknowledging your explicit agreement to adhere to these policies.

PLEASE NOTE:  Space requests MUST be submitted at least one week in advance of your requested date.

Permitted Uses

1.  University classes, discussion sections, department seminars, and faculty-scheduled review sessions

2.  Department-sponsored special events including guest lectures, colloquia, conferences, symposia, workshops, fundraising events, and recruitment events

3.  Currently-matriculated NYU PS student-scheduled study group meetings (barring scheduling conflicts, these meetings should be held in the Study Room [614])

4.  Rehearsals or other permitted research-related activities directly related to coursework (by currently full-time matriculated Performance Studies students in good academic standing)

5.  Rehearsals or other permitted PhD research-related activities for matriculated Performance Studies PhD students in good academic standing

Non-Permitted Uses

1.  By organizations not affiliated with NYU or individuals not sponsored by a University-affiliated origanization (department, office, or student group)

2.  Rehearsals or other activities unrelated to NYU PS students’ coursework or research, or to other departmental activities

Alumni Use

Department alums have access to NYU spaces at the Kimmel and Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life through their Alumni Benefits Card. Please visit their site for access information. 

Security and Maintenance

1.  Space alterations shall not be made without prior departmental permission and, if more than decorative, the approval of NYU’s Office of Facilities and Construction Management. Permanent marking or other changes to walls, floors, ceiling, lights, or other furnishings are not permitted.

2.  No spaces may be used for storage of personal belongings, props, etc. without prior departmental permission.

3.  Open flames and any pyrotechnics are not permitted in University facilities.

4.  For your safety and the security of your belongings, we recommend that you keep all lockable doors locked at all times; reserved space MUST be left locked after use. Keys must remain in the possession of the sponsoring NYU individual. NYU, TSOA, and PS do not assume liability for loss or damage to personal property.

5.  The use of PS space is limited to lawful purposes consistent with the educational purposes of the University and the approved purposes described above.

6.  Please be considerate of your colleagues. Loud music/sounds, long or frequent telephone calls and other disruptive behavior runs counter to the common good and interferes with others’ ability to work. Any activity producing noise levels in or around PS spaces that exceed that of a general lecture course are prohibited between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and at other times when PS-sponsored events are taking place in the department.

7.  Spaces must be left clean and in good order. Food packages and food waste must be disposed of in trash containers provided in the department spaces and hallway. Chairs, desks, tables, and all other furnishings must be returned to the positions and conditions in which you found them. All electronics (lights, computers, projectors, speakers, etc.) must be turned OFF.

8.  Do not remove or relocate ANYTHING from one room to another unless you have received prior Departmental approval.

9.  The Department must be notified of all guests (anyone who is not then currently NYU-affiliated) in advance. 721 Broadway security guards require a Department-generated memorandum listing all guests in order for them to gain access to the department.

10.  The Department reserves the right to cancel any space reservation to accomodate department events or faculty requests.

All PS students are expected to adhere to the foregoing policies. If you would like to reserve a space for your own use (as outlined above under “PERMITTED USES”), please give a brief description of your proposed use in the request. Following Departmental review and approval, the Department Administrator will issue keys and security memos (where necessary).