MV Carbon’s Audio Experience is featured on Dia Art Foundation's Artist's Playlist Program

Sunday, Oct 11, 2020

"Striatum" explores the psychological impact of sound and offers the listener an opportunity to explore the potential of their imagination. 

MV Carbon is a multidisciplinary artist whose work encompasses sound, performance, film, sculpture, and multimedia installation. She uses tape delay, feedback, re-amplification and conjures sounds from amplified objects, stringed instruments, magnetic tape, gongs, electronic synthesis, and artifacts. Carbon’s practice works to heighten sensory awareness while amplifying ritual, rhythm, and momentum in sound. Her current work explores themes such as interchangeability, shape shifting, illusion, and perpetual motion. Carbon has released solo and collaborative LPs through record labels including 5RC, Atavistic Records, Ecstatic Peace, Hanson, Load Records, and No Fun Productions. MV Carbon has performed at, among others: Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, Massachusetts; The Kitchen, New York City; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and Tate Modern, London

MV Carbon is The Manager of Media and Production in the Open Arts and Collaborative Arts Program as well as an Adjunct Instructor at New York University, Pratt Institute, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and Ramapo College.


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Sculpture by MV Carbon