Forest Conner

Photo of Forest Conner

What are you presently doing professionally?
I am currently a Product Manager / Data Analyst at VHX, which was recently acquired by Vimeo. Specifically, I look at the data behind all the ways filmmakers use our platform and technology successfully, then I relay those lessons both to other filmmakers as well as to our development team so that we can make the best product possible for people looking to self-distribute their films, tv shows, and web-series.

How did the Dual Degree program help you get there?
The dual-degree program was unique in that it taught me not only the business side of production, but the physical side as well. This means that when I work to help people sell their films, I also understand the hard work and dedication that was necessary in creating them to begin with. This gives me a unique perspective that I feel is beneficial when I relay the needs of our filmmakers to those who make the VHX technology work for everyone.

What knowledge and skills have you learned in the program have been most helpful in the industry?
I think the thing that is missing most from the current world of self-distribution is a way to stand out from the pack. The program gave me the opportunity to work hands on with numerous filmmakers and help them find an audience for their work. These are lessons I carry with me every day and add to as I try to help our VHX sellers stand out from the crowd.