Colin Whitlow

Photo of Colin Whitlow

What are you presently doing professionally?
Head of Business Development for Start Media

How did the Dual Degree program help you get there?

I met several members of the Start Media leadership team while researching new activities in the movie theater industry. This research was conducted through a dual degree fellowship sponsored by Start Media. Having an introduction to an organization through a prolonged period of investigating specific issues within a media industry provided an unusual opportunity to really understand how they thought and where they were focused. It also provided an excellent opportunity for me to market my skills and the value I could bring to the team.

What knowledge and skills have you learned in the program have been most helpful in the industry?
The breadth of skills covered through the dual degree are unparalleled and I use them in combination daily. Many of the core business school concepts such as corporate finance and operations are important foundations for a broad role at a small company like ours. But since we're invested in developing creative book and film content, the knowledge gained through intimate experiences working with close-knit creative teams at Tisch are equally important. Rather than pointing to any one skill gained during the degree process, the most important thing I gained was the experience of learning how to marry creative and business acumens through various projects at both schools. Learning to holistically conceive of a creative or disruptive media concept is something that can only be achieved through real world practice. Creative projects at Tisch, entrepreneurship-focused classes at Stern and student organizations like ProMotion Pictures which bridge both departments were invaluable contributors to my ability to take on my current role.