Jean Pesce and Dagny Looper Join This Year's Black List

Thursday, Oct 5, 2017

Dagny Looper


Two out of six finalists for this year's Black List, chosen from close to 1,000 applicants, are NYU Grad Film alumnae: Dagny Looper and Jean Pesce.  

The Black List was foundend in 2005. Each year roughly 1,000 screenwritters who have not yet made $100,000 as writers apply. Of those 1,000 applicants only six finalists are chosen for a week long intensive where they will workshop one screenplay through a peer workshop and one-on-one sessions with working professional screenwriting mentors. Such professionals include: Scott Myers, Phil Hay (“Ride Along”), Jamie Linden (“Money Monster”), Phyllis Nagy (“Carol”), Allison Schroeder (“Hidden Figures”) and Kiwi Smith (“Legally Blonde”).

With over 51 Academy Awards, four of the last nine Best Picture Oscars, ten of the last twenty Best Screenplay Oscars, and over $26 billion in box office sales world wide in just twelve years, the Black List is one of the most pregitious labs for an up and coming screenwritter.

The list of this year's finalists include:

 Jean Pesce — THE ROVERS
 Wallaine Sarao — PAST DUE
 Paul da Silva — TRAUMA CENTER
 Ann Sloan — GO BETTY!
 Curt Zacharias, Jr. — 35MM

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