Read Award-Winning Cinematographer Jomo Fray's Interview with Shadow and Act

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

Cinematographer Jomo Fray on the set of "Get Out Fast" with Director Haley Anderson

VR provides a space where we’re able to create new emotions and to build new visual language. I believe that it creates another level of empathy beyond 2-dimensional mediums. - Jomo Fray


Cinematographer Jomo Fray talks with Shadow and Act about the future of virtual reality and the short film he shot titled "Haunt."  

"Haunt", directed by alumna Lilian Mehrel, is about a young ghost who visits places from her past. The audience member feels as if they are the main character through the use of virtual reality. Observers seem as if they are looking directly into the eyes of the viewer. 

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