"Fire Shut Up In My Bones," Featuring Libretto by Grad Film Faculty Kasi Lemmons, Receives Grammy Nomination

Friday, Nov 18, 2022

Kasi Lemmons

Kasi Lemmons

Fire Shut Up In My Bones, which features a libretto written by Graduate Film Faculty Member Kasi Lemmons, was nominated for Best Opera Recording at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Fire Shut Up In My Bones is an adaptation of New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow’s memoir of the same name, which tells a profound story about a young man’s journey to overcome a childhood of trauma and hardship.

Premiering at the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis in 2019, the production later became the opener for The Metropolitan Opera’s 2021-2022 season. It was the first opera by a black composer (Terrence Blanchard) performed at The Metropolitan Opera since its founding in 1883.