Kevin Wilson, Jr.'s Stellar Year

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kevin Wilson, Jr.

Kevin Wilson, Jr.

Grad Film's Kevin Wilson, Jr. has just wrapped up a stellar academic year, completing the program last week and earning his MFA in Film Production.  As part of NYU's graduation festivities, Wilson was featured on NYU News where he discussed how his mentor, Professor Spike Lee, pushed him to do his best work.

Wilson's 2nd year short film project at Grad Film, My Nephew Emmettwas one of five shorts nominated for Best Live Action Short at the 2018 Academy Awards. The short became elligble for this nomination after taking home the Gold Medal at the 2017 Student Academy Awards.

My Nephew Emmett tells the true story of the brutal murder of 14 year-old Emmett Till by two white men in 1955. The story unfolds from the perspective of his uncle, Mose Wright, who was forced to surrender Emmett to save his family.  Wilson made national news during filming when he discovered the Emmett Till Memorial Sign riddled with bullet holes and raised awareness of the racial injustices still prevelant in our culture today. 

Yesterday BAFTA announced that Wilson's film, My Nephew Emmett, is one of nine finalists - selected from 469 international submissions - for the prestigious 2018 BAFTA Student Film Awards supported by Global Student Accommodation (GSA).  

On top of the spectacular success of Wilson's film, he recently welcomed his third child to the world.  Grad Film congratulates Kevin Wilson, Jr. on his achievements this past year, both personal and professional.