2020-2021 Fellows

In January 2020, Tisch welcomed its inaugural cohort of Future Imagination Fellows to the new Future Imagination Collaboratory at Tisch, which aims to foster interdisciplinary, artist-led, solution-focused research to address the difficulties we all face in a rapidly changing world.

Individually, these Fellows have accomplished incredible things as creators, technologists, futurists, researchers, and entrepreneurs - pushing boundaries and creating new spaces for intersectional work. We brought them together for six-months to explore what might happen when they work in proximity to one another, and to imagine a better future with us.

Undaunted by the arrival of the global pandemic shortly after their appointment, the Fellows deepened their commitment to working together and creating a vibrant research community within Tisch. As we extended the inaugural Fellowship into a second six-month appointment, the Fellows continued to meet regularly, to develop their individual projects, and to present their work to the Tisch and NYU community.

We are grateful to the inaugural Fellows for their fortitude and their guidance in helping us shape the Future Imagination Collaboratory, and we invite you to continue following their incredible work!