Briana Jones & Lily Yu

2023-2024 *This Is Not A Drill* Student Fellows


Briana Jones is a master's student at NYU Tisch's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), specializing in the intersection of immersive technologies and product design. With a strong background in editing and the research process, Briana brings a unique blend of skills to their work. Through their studies and experiences, Briana continues to explore innovative ways to merge technology, design, and storytelling, aiming to create meaningful and impactful interactive projects.

Lily Peixuan Yu (she/her) is a creative technologist, digital media artist, and designer based in New York. Currently pursuing her Master's degree at NYU ITP, she is dedicated to using technology to create poetic experiences for her audience. With a background in Computer Science, her unique perspective allows her to view programming as more than a mere tool for efficiency. To her, it is a creative medium for poetic expression and interactive storytelling. In a recent collaborative project with her ITP peers, she worked with NYU researchers to create a projection-based interactive experience called “Youtopia”. It sought to visualize people’s visions of utopia based on UN’s sustainable development goals. The goal of the experience is to encourage the audience to reflect on the possibilities of a sustainable society and to inspire them to take the ownership of their visions and make active changes.


Thwaites Glacier Project: Stopping the Doomsday Glacier is based on research involving the British Antarctic Survey on the retreat of the Thwaites Glacier. It visualizes the data collected by the researchers to represent the melting of the glacier and its corresponding consequences.

The project will have three sections: data collection, data visualization, and the consequences of glacier retreat.

This project aims to create an immersive and educational experience for the audience. By combining data collection, interactive visualizations, and an exploration of the consequences of glacier retreat, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of climate change and inspire individuals to take action in preserving our environment.