Tisch Drama Stage presents "Once Upon A Rhyme: A Musical Tale"

Once Upon a Rhyme Poster

Music & Lyrics by Ronvé O'Daniel and Jevares Myrick

Book by Ronvé O'Daniel

Directed by J. Kyle Manzay

Set in a suburban city called Clifftown during the 2008 global financial crisis, Once Upon a Rhyme : A Musical Tale is an award-winning musical about Prince, a classically trained dancer who dreams of becoming a hip-hop star. Prince hopes to help his family’s financial struggles by succeeding as a rapper, but his ambitions are shattered at an open mic competition where he is humiliatingly defeated by Big Trey, a popular emerging gangsta rapper. Weighed down by personal and family pressures to succeed, Prince is tempted to betray his true nature and adopt a false, dangerous set of values. Will he be able to find his true voice, win over the girl of his dreams, and learn what it means to be truly free? Find out in Once Upon a Rhyme