Jephthah's Daughter's Name

Student Works

TISCH DRAMA STAGE Student Works Presents

Jephthah's Daughter's Name

Written and Produced by Carina Kanzler
Directed by Camryn Rose Pillay and Peri LeBlanc

In the nearly 1,000 pages of the Christian Old Testament, one unnamed girl stands out. Jephthah’s daughter, unknowingly sacrificed by her father in exchange for a military win, bargains for two months of freedom from a patriarchal, war-torn society with her friends as an impromptu funeral of her life as she knew it. But when a group of five young people embark on a mission to “find freedom,” they realize much more of who they are is tied up in the regulations, traditions, and oppressive expectations of their hometown than they thought, and reinventing themselves comes harder when the environment they grew up in has already instilled its hopes and fears for the future inside each one of them.

This is a story told by an entirely female-identifying and non-binary cast and crew.

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