Tisch Drama Stage: Big Zoo

Big Zoo



October 6-15

Written by Wei Yu-Chia
Translated by Jeremy Tiang
Directed by Nana Dakin

Big Zoo is the happiest place on earth! So how come the zebras are stampeding? Why is the weasel starting an insurrection? And what's going on with the secretive Zookeeper? In this surreal, high-octane fable, the absurdity of life inside Big Zoo illuminates the beliefs and systems we impose upon ourselves. The antics of Big Zoo's colorful cast of humans and animals (and it isn't always easy to tell the difference between the two) throws into relief the absurdity of our own lives.

Newly translated from Mandarin, Wei Yu-Chia's hit Taiwanese play can now be experienced in English for the first time. Translator Jeremy Tiang and Director Nana Dakin use the process of translation as an opportunity to bring another layer of creative interpretation to BIG ZOO, making bold choices and embracing the potential for hybridity.