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Tisch Drama's New Studio on Broadway (NSB) integrates foundational acting training with vocal and physical techniques drawing upon the repertoire of the American musical, contemporary American plays, and the traditional classical canon to hone the actor's instrument in all aspects of all three disciplines essential to be an actor in the musical theatre: acting, singing, and dancing.

The course of study emphasizes exposure to the traditional musical canon plus new work, non-musical plays, world music, heightened language, dance and contemporary, globally-diverse performance forms, both new and traditional.    

Teaching students the power and value of the ensemble and collaboration, students of the New Studio on Broadway have core acting, speech/voice, vocal performance, dance, and physical acting classes, stressing acting as the binding, essential skill required in all areas. This will equip young artists to meet the fluid, changing demands of a progressive and diverse art form on Broadway and on global stages. 

Collaboration with the Tisch Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program teaches students how to work with composers, lyricists, librettists, choreographers, and directors on readings, workshops, and full productions of new world premiere musicals—a skill very different from working on the established repertoire of Broadway classics. This is the only new musical theatre collaboration program in the country. It is a core aspect of what makes the New Studio on Broadway... NEW!  

More About Our Training

Mastering Core Competencies

NSB focuses on the union of in-depth text analysis, heightened language techniques, and rigorous physical and vocal training for the creation of an indelible character, the clear playing of a dramatic action, and the illumination of ideas within the text, as these are the fundamentals of the actor’s process.  Equally, we are training and unleashing the imagination, inspiring and recognizing young actors’ impulses and instincts.  Each young actor-in-training has a distinct life experience and worldview, which are also essential in creating a character that rings true. Rather than embracing and espousing a single methodology or approach, NSB classes offer the practical application of competencies required for an actor to develop a dynamic versatility that will enable them to fluidly move through a range of performance idioms.  

Our objective is to provide the actor with the requisite skill set necessary to sustain a lifelong career as a professional actor and musical theatre performer, embedding all aspects of music and dance in vivid and truthful acting, at play with global audiences onstage, not only in the musical theatre, but in new technologies and innovations of the future.  

Master artist/teachers, including Broadway and New York theatre, film and television professionals, working at national and international levels, teach all courses.     

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