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Art and Social Practice: A Conversation

Photo: Daycare provider Deloris Hogan holds granddaughter, Jadeleana, and eight-year-old Diana at Dee's Tots Childcare in New Rochelle, NY. Image by Alice Proujansky (DPI Class of '02)

A panel of innovative change­makers—photographers, DPI students, video artists, community activists, dancers, scholars, and a physician— to discuss their work focusing on social justice, collaboration, community empowerment and activism. Topics include discussion on race and the politics of identity, the public/private space of the urban landscape, human rights, and the environment. It is an opportunity for the NYU community and others around the city to connect with work being done to change our communities/neighborhoods through the arts and the overall impact of the arts on people's lives.

PanelistsLacy Austin, Zoe Buckman, Jackie Danziger, Sonia Louise Davis, Russell Frederick, Robert Gore M.D, Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Shani Jamila, Talia Kirsh, Gerald Leavell, Nicole Motta, Alice Proujansky, Noelle Theard and Bria Webb.