Tisch West Works

Do you have a script that needs a reading? Are you a performer looking for work to read? Do you have a rough cut and need feedback, or a reel you'd like to showcase? Maybe a pitch that needs some tweaking? Tisch West Works is a Tisch West collaborative arts forum that seeks writers, directors, producers and actors to share and develop new creative work. Writers may submit pages for reading, actors may prepare scenes to rehearse, directors may present rough cuts of their film, and producers may present pitches. Each presenter will have 40 minutes both for their presentation and feedback.

This month's meeting will have 3 spots for presentations. Waitlist available. Please sign up as "PRESENTER"

To read and give feedback, please sign up as "FEEDBACK/READER"

The goal behind Tisch West Works is to provide a safe “think tank” to gain fresh perspective and support by fellow Tisch alumni artists. This is also a great way to meet like minded creators! Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please email tsoa.west@nyu.edu for any questions or concerns.