Actor Marketing 101

By learning industry standards, actors will stand out by presenting the best version of their headshot, resume, business cards, website, and reel. Actors will also create the tools necessary to overcoming career crippling plateaus in class.


• Your sense of confidence if you knew how to create a high-quality actor website, demo reel, resume, business card, and headshot, all of which work together seamlessly to vastly increase the number of auditions you book every month.

• How relaxed your life would be if you had a system that would automatically ensure you consistently perform your best at every audition, no matter how you feel going in.

• How exciting it would be to find out how to create a brand that's uniquely you, something to help you stand out from all the other actors out there.

• How often you’d book roles if you had a compelling cover letter to create an instant emotional connection with every casting director and agent you communicate with.

• How much easier your acting career would be if you had hundreds or even thousands of dollars of supplemental income each month with little time investment.​

Actor Marketing 101 is a special NYU only masterclass that combines some of the eighteen week actor marketing program by ASI (The Actor Success Institute). The ASI program was created to fill one of the largest gaps that exists in the acting world: You've learned how to act, you've probably learned "The Business of Acting 101," but have you ever actually learned how to sell, market, and promote your acting services? If you've been wondering how to land steady paid work, how to strategically position yourself to quit your day job, and how to build a raving fan base that will create huge opportunities for you sooner than you can imagine, this is the right class for you.

One FREE headshot included with participation. Must arrive between 6-6:20pm to receive headshot.

Taught by Tisch alumnus Martin Bentsen and Phae Lewis of Actors Success Institue.