The 2022 Black List

Thursday, Jan 12, 2023

The Black List is an annual list of "most liked" scripts, according to the suggestions of more than 300 film executives. Each executive contributed the names of up to ten favorite feature film screenplays that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2022 and will not have begun principal photography during this calendar year.

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Congratulations to the five NYU Tisch alumni whose scripts were recognized on The 2022 Black List! 

Goat, Zack Akers '09 & Skip Bronkie '09 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV) (16 mentions)

A promising first-round draft pick is invited to train at the private compound of the team’s legendary but aging quarterback. Over one week, the rising star witnesses the horrific lengths his hero will go to to stay at the top of his game.

Dumb Blonde, Todd Bartels '11 (MFA, Graduate Acting) (13 mentions)

The origin story of Dolly Parton, following her rise through the male-dominated music scene of late-1960s Nashville.

Undo, Will Simmons '21 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV) (8 mentions)

A down-on-his-luck former getaway driver comes into possession of a mysterious watch that allows the user to go back in time by one minute. As he starts to uncover its uses and gets pulled into one last heist by his former crew, a dangerous group after the technology gets on his tail and will stop at nothing to get the watch back.

Black Dogs, Kieran Turner '92 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV) (6 mentions)

Based on the novel by Jason Burhmester. In 1973, Led Zeppelin was robbed of nearly a quarter million dollars in cash while playing a series of concerts in New York City. The case was never solved. We follow four young friends from the streets of Baltimore as they attempt to pull off what is possibly the most brazen heist in rock-and-roll history.

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