2023 Tribeca Festival Winners

Thursday, Jul 6, 2023

The annual Tribeca Festival took place from June 7 - 18, 2023, featuring a wide variety of feature films, short films, TV programs, and audio storytelling. 

Congratulations to the Tisch alumni whose projects won an award or were recognized by the Festival! This year, 3 alumni received a Jury Award or Special Jury Recognition for their work. In addition, 2 films with a Tisch cast and/or crew received Audience Awards. See below for the award winners, and see the full list of Tisch alumni in the Tribeca Festival here.



Boca Chica
Gabriella A. Moses '12 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), director/writer/cast

“With strong visual language that drew us in, lived in performances and original magnetic storytelling, this movie fearlessly confronted family dynamics. The filmmaker expertly portrays the disparity between how the American dream is perceived outside of the US versus the experience of immigrants freshly arriving on American soil. Honoring the chaos of puberty while introducing its exploitation.”


Special Jury Mention for Tribeca Games
Julián Cordero '19 (BFA, Game Center)

Jury comment: “For how it offers a dreamlike portal into a soccer-obsessed child’s everyday life, and shows how cultural expression—whether through sports or creative pursuit—can make our lives richer.”


Independent Fiction Audio Storytelling Award
Cory Choy '06 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), director/producer

Jury comment: “To listen to “Aisha” is to inhabit this piece and also to be a body within it. The experience that this piece provided not only gave us a firm view of the main character’s external plight, but also insight into their internal struggle and conflict through sound design that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. “Aisha” warrants repeat listening.”


First Place: The Perfect Find
Looking for a fresh start and career comeback, Jenna (Gabrielle Union) returns to the workforce, where she must navigate a challenging workplace, a demanding boss, and a lusty secret romance.

The Perfect Find
Matthew Myers ‘95 (MFA, Kanbar Institute, Grad Film), executive producer
Eric Lin '06 (MFA, Kanbar Institute, Grad Film), cinematographer
Michael Reichman '91 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), assistant production manager
Kathryn Kalucki (Drama), health and safety manager
David M. Night Maire '12 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), key production assistant: additional photography
Anthony Pizzini '01 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), clearance coordinator
Jeff Reynolds '78 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV), first assistant accountant


Second Place: Maestra
Filmmaker Maggie Contreras follows women from different backgrounds as they compete in the first all-women competition for conducting—exploring gender expectations with poise and warmth.

Lauren Lexton '89 (BFA, Cinema Studies), producer

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