Financial Aid Information for Graduate Students

How to Apply for NYU Financial Aid 

Students who are admitted to Tisch School of the Arts are automatically considered for Tisch scholarships. Scholarship awards are discretionary funds issued directly by the academic department on the basis of both application merit and demonstrated financial need. These are tuition-only awards which can range from partial to full tuition remission.

Please expand the sections below that are relevant to your applicant status to learn more about financial aid options available to you. You can also review the tuition, fees, and expenses for your program on this page.

Domestic Students

In order to be considered for federal aid, U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is available at on the FAFSA website. Please submit as soon as possible and indicate that your data is to be sent to New York University, code number 002785.

International students

Scholarships are limited for international applicants. Many international students obtain support for their educational expenses from their governments, foundations, or private agencies.

Private educational loans are also possible to help international students fund their NYU education. There is more information about private loans on our website. Most lenders will require a U.S. cosigner.

Doctoral students

The Corrigan Fellowship Program provides multi-year full funding support to most TSOA doctoral students [1]. The minimum Corrigan doctoral support package includes:

1.   A four- or five-year award term.

2.   A scholarship for full tuition and registration and services fees for courses required for the degree.

3.   Full coverage of the premiums for mandatory NYU student health insurance for an individual under the NYU comprehensive plan.

4.   A nine-month academic-year stipend for living expenses.

5.   A one-time Dean’s Supplementary Fellowship Grant of $1,000 that may be used at the student’s discretion.

6.   A one-time Housing Subsidy Grant of $2,000.


Graduate Financial Aid