Catherine Coray

Associate Arts Professor

Associate Arts Professor Catherine Coray (faculty, Experimental Theatre Wing, since 1991) is the director of hotINK at the Lark, which takes place each spring at the Lark Play Development Center and brings together playwrights from all over the world with NY actors and directors to present readings of new works. As an actor, Catherine has worked with such directors as Anne Bogart, Susan Dietz, Andre Gregory, Michael Kahn and Lois Weaver; as a director, she has staged work by Keith Curran, Richard Hoehler, Holly Hughes, Jessica Litwak and Martin Moran. She maintains an ongoing relationship with artists, theatre companies and universities in Cuba, Belarus, Austria and Chile, and is a member of the Affiliated Faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi, where she teaches acting each fall.  Catherine is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women.

Studio Affiliation: ETW