Tisch New Theatre's Spring Concert Preview

Dancer in the park on a fall day

For the upcoming 2020-21 season, Tisch New Theatre is working on a collaborative project between actors and composers to showcase narratives that deserve to be heard. On Monday, November 23rd at 8PM EST, TNT will be hosting a VIRTUAL EVENT on our YouTube channel previewing an exclusive performance from our Spring concert featuring three original songs written by NYU undergraduate students.

What is Our Spring Concert?

In accordance with Tisch New Theatre’s new mission statement, we have curated a season that seeks to uplift the voices of a range of artists and embrace the varying identities of said artists. Through this original spring show, we hope to create opportunities for both artists and performers to express themselves by inviting them to compose and perform music that highlights their individual identities, from their personal background to their racial or sexual identity.

This production is a virtual experience that will be developed across the fall and spring semesters. The concert will feature actors and singers performing these original songs, placing an emphasis on the collaborative and educational experiences of learning from one another throughout the process. The show's name and date will be announced November 23, 2020.