NYU Tisch Voter Engagement PSA Contest

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2020

Tisch School of the Arts is calling on students to produce 30-to-90-second voter engagement-focused public service announcements (PSAs). Your PSA can take the form of a filmed segment, animation, recorded monologue, photo, game, or jingle! The aim of these non-partisan PSAs is to start conversations around the importance of youth voter turnout on a peer-to-peer level.

PSAs will be reviewed by a panel of Tisch students, faculty, and staff.

Winning projects will be awarded $200 and featured on Tisch’s website and social media.

Be sure your PSA is:

  • Non-partisan
  • 30-90 seconds
  • Compelling, personal, and focused on youth voter engagement
  • Created following proper social distancing guidelines
  • Highlighting one or more of the following issues:
    • Importance of voting in local and federal elections
    • Popular vote vs Electoral College
    • Registering to Vote
    • Requesting a mail-in ballot
    • Ways to return a mail-in ballot
    • States that allow for early voting
    • How to identify voter obstruction and what to do about it.
    • Why your vote actually matters
    • What happens when you DON’T vote