Career Development Resources in L.A.

NYU Tisch Welcome Guide to L.A. Guide

A joint effort of the Tisch Office of Career Development and Tisch Office of Alumni Relations, this guide provides useful L.A. information including neighborhoods, transportation, public services and industry-specific information. The guide is available in the Career Document Library of Tisch College Central, as well as in hard copy format from the Career Development Office.

Los Angeles Temp Guide

This guide provides up-to-date information on temp work in the L.A. vicinity and is available via download in the Tisch College Central Career Document Library. Hard copies are also available in the Tisch Career Development Office.

Career Counseling

TOCD offers 30-minute career counseling sessions for L.A.-based alumni by phone or Zoom. Discuss your job search, learn how to conduct industry research, review or prepare resumes, cover letters, or develop your interviewing and networking strategies. To schedule an appointment, please click here.

Tisch College Central

Use this easy tool to search for jobs and internships, download resources, and find out about other career-related events in the arts in Los Angeles, across the country, and around the world. To create an account and start your search, please click here.

Other Resources

NYU in LA Google Group: Although this list-serv is not officially sanctioned by NYU or Tisch, it may also be a helpful resource. To join, sign up by clicking here.

Tisch West: Looking to connect with our West Coast-based alums? Check out Tisch West, the Los Angeles branch of Tisch's Alumni Association for more information.

NYU Alumni Club in Los Angeles: Want to connect with alums beyond Tisch? Join the LA branch of the NYU Alumni Club, which has a robust calendar of events. For more info, including upcoming event listings, click here

Tisch Represents: This LA-based alumni group is dedicated to elevating underrepresented voices in film and television through community events. For more info, click here.