Spring 2016

  • Dance Research Forum Ireland Conference 2016

    Sunday, Jun 26, 2016

    The Tisch Initiative for Creative Research hosted the 2016 Biennial Dance Research Forum Ireland (DRFI) Conference to commemorate the centennial of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising – in partnership with DRFI, New York University’s Tisch Department of Dance, Tisch Department of Performance Studies, Steinhardt Dance Education, Glucksman Ireland House, and in association with Irish Arts Center.

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  • MFA Dance Incubator

    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    This 3 day immersive experience consisted of workshops, panels, conversations, and resource sessions designed to let grad students reflect on their graduate experience and build knowledge and confidence as they prepare to (re)emerge into the professional field. INCUBATOR gave grad students access to "nuts and bolts" information about careers in the arts, funding, marketing, resources available to them in NYC, and possibilities for expanded practice post-graduation.

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  • Friday Conversations with Kris Diaz

    Friday, Apr 22, 2016

    Throughout the Spring 2016 semester, Tisch Artist-in-Residence Kristoffer Diaz conducted weekly informal conversations with some of New York City's most exciting theater artists, producers, and thinkers. Conversations were open to all Tisch students and faculty.

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  • Critical Collaboration

    Thursday, Apr 14, 2016

    Guided by Pato Hebert (Associate Arts Professor, Art & Public Policy), the Critical Collaboration Working Group will investigate the relationship between creativity and social change. The project is particularly interested in how critical collaboration might contribute to change at interpersonal, social and structural levels. We hope to better understand how such changes might be seeded through critical thinking and reflexive action that are developed in concert with others. Engaging emergent practitioners from the Tisch Art & Public Policy alumni network, along with NYU faculty members and practitioners local to five GNU sites (Abu Dhabi, Accra, Buenos Aires, Florence, Shanghai), the Critical Collaborations Working Group seeks to recognize and embody local dynamics with global implications.

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  • Cross-Tisch: Artist as Witness

    Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

    This Spring session of Cross-Tisch will gather Tisch faculty whose artistic and scholarly practices attend to the fundamental political function of the artist as witness. In recent years, a critique of witnessing has lead to the proposition of a “forensic aesthetics” -- an expression coined by architect and critical theorist Eyal Weizmann. Behind such aesthetics lies a suspicion that humans are too emotional, affective, subjective, and implicated in events in order to give an objective account of those events. In this sense, forensic objects should replace the testimonial role of the witness. But, what if it is precisely the artist’s direct implication in the turmoil of events that turns their subjective experiences into the most urgent and necessary kind of witnessing? What if, “bearing witness to the flesh” as Alexander Weheliye recently wrote, is what turns artists and the works they create into the most urgently needed kind of witnessing?

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  • Form in Question: Ensemble-Improvisation-Performance

    Saturday, Jan 16, 2016

    Form in Question (FiQ) brought together diverse disciplinary perspectives to examine concepts of ensemble, improvisation and choreography; to generate new thinking and language around collective performance; and to initiate conversation across the spectrum of ensemble practices.

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