Fall 2015

  • Global Institute of Dance & Music: Translucent Borders

    Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

    Translucent Borders is a three-year exploration of intercultural dialogue, practice and exchange, focusing on the role of dance and music at borders (geographic, cultural, economic). The Translucent Borders Working Group comprises leading choreographers, composers, and other NYU faculty in theater, anthropology and recorded music, and is led by Dr. Andy Teirstein (Arts Professor, Dance). Together with local practitioners and scholars at various NYU Global Network University sites, we will examine ways in which practitioners of dance and music can act as catalysts for mutual change between disparate cultural entities.

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  • Cross-Tisch: World-Building - Play Music, Play Games

    Friday, Dec 4, 2015

    Graduate Musical Theatre Writing and the Game Center have established a productive relationship in which students go through a variety of workshops during their theses projects, some of which include tackling the shows they're working on from the point of view of another medium. This past academic year, we included a two-day world building workshop for video games for musical theatre students, which helps them understand the narrative or their shows from a fresh viewpoint, as well as introducing students to transmedia storytelling. We'll talk about the points in common between musical theatre and games, and how we've managed to make this into a successful collaboration.

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  • Table Talk: Debate As Public Research

    Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015

    Surveillance is the theme of the first Table Talk. Questions included: What are the impacts of changing visual and media culture on our understanding of surveillance practices? How does surveillance function as an aesthetic experience? What are the most recent critical approaches to surveillance and how are political motives, social agendas, and ideological positions catalyzed and revealed through use of surveillance technologies?

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  • Black Rock 2015

    Sunday, Sep 27, 2015

    Students from Green World class and Dean's Scholars experienced a three day field trip at the Black Rock Forest Consortium. Black Rock is a research facility located in New York State's Hudson River Valley. New York University students participated in on-going scientific research by collecting data, and viewing changes to the forest due to natural and man-made factors.

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  • Cross-Tisch: "Taking the Climate Personally"

    Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015

    With reference to their project, "Dear Climate," Una Chaudhuri (Drama), Fritz Ertl (Drama) and Marina Zurkow (ITP), talk about collaborating across media to find new affective modes and stylistic registers for addressing the ecological crises associated with climate change.

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  • Performing Climate Change

    Monday, Sep 21, 2015

    From the latest research in the psychology of climate change communication to new practices and aesthetics seeking to reframe our relationship to our environment, our presenters shared excerpts of their work and reflected on the role of culture in dealing with our most pressing global issue.

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