Future Imagination Fellow: Yeseul Song

Monday, Feb 24, 2020

In January, Tisch welcomed its inaugural cohort of Future Imagination Fellows to the Future Imagination Collaboratory, a bold new venture at Tisch, which aims to foster interdisciplinary, artist-led, solution-focused research to address the difficulties we all face in a rapidly changing world. 

Individually, these Fellows have accomplished incredible things as creators, technologists, futurists, researchers, and entrepreneurs - pushing boundaries and creating new spaces for intersectional work. Now we have brought them together to explore what might happen when they work in proximity to one another, and to imagine a better future with us. 

Supported by the new Future Imagination Fund, the Future Imagination Collaboratory will yield new investigations, new ideas and new questions. We look forward to sharing more about the Collaboratory in the coming months.


Yeseul Song

Yeseul Song

Yeseul Song is a South Korean born and New York based artist, researcher, educator, and recent ITP alumna (MPS ’18) working at the intersection of art and technology. She creates experimental sculptures, interactive installations, digital sketches, and audio visual performances that examine the fluid nature of human perception and its relationship with our society, environment, and the future. She uses technology as a means of augmenting or enhancing the human condition, which allows her work to engage audiences in unexpected and playful ways. 

She is the recipient of Communication Arts Interactive Annual, iF Design Award, and a nominee of Lumen Prize. Her creations have been shown at multiple places including Fort Mason Art and Culture Center in San Francisco, New York Live Arts, Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, IAC Building in New York, and Gallery Max in New York. She was part of the SFPC Recode project that has been presented at the Day for Night Festival in Austin, Sónar+D in Barcelona, and Google I/O in San Francisco.