Climate Script Pitch Booth

Overlapping image of a plant and a feather pen

The Climate Script Pitch Booth is an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and any other member of the NYU community to pitch an idea for a screenplay, stage play, or episodic series that addresses climate change. This booth will be overseen by faculty and students from the Department of Dramatic Writing's inaugural "Writing the Climate Change Script" class. People interested in pitching their climate change script will have 15 minutes to formally or informally discuss their idea with storytellers experienced in dramatic writing and invested in scripts that address climate change. They will get honest constructive feedback on their pitch and, if applicable, be guided toward further resources. This is a low-stakes fun way to promote the power of storytelling in addressing the climate crisis.

Location: 2040 Now Center located in the Gould Welcome Center, 50 West 4th Street