Virtual Art Lounge

computer girl sketch

Let's try something.

The Virtual Art Lounge is a daily offering during Tisch's Week of Community.  No lecture.  No meeting.  No panelists.  Yes, we're still on Zoom, but let's bring those fleeting moments of connecting with a fellow artist – in a hallway, in an elevator, in a student lounge over coffee – to our current, remote world.

Here are the rules:

1. Take one hour out of your work / school day according to the schedule below, and join us on Zoom.

2. Bring nothing OR a current project OR a new project (in any medium).

3. Dedicate an hour to making your art in the company of other artists.

Perks of working in a Virtual Art Lounge:

1. Uninterrupted time.

2. Connect with fellow artists (think: prompts, inspiration, and feedback) according to your needs and the needs of others.

3. Or turn your mic and camera off, and just relish in a dedicated work environment.

4. Perhaps walk away with a new friend.

The links below take you directly to a Virtual Art Lounge on Zoom.  Pick a date/time that works for you, and feel free to come every day!  You deserve it.

The Virtual Art Lounge is open to the Tisch Community.  No RSVP required.