Julia Fernandez

2022 Undergraduate Research Fund Awardee
Interactive Media Arts Class of 2023

Julia Fernandez

Julia Fernandez is a multidisciplinary artist based in NYC. Currently pursuing a BFA in Interactive Media Arts at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Passionate about visual storytelling through a wide variety of mediums.


Using Risograph Printmaking for Experimental Animation

This project explores Risograph printmaking as a medium for animation. It was first popularized in 1980s Japan, and its function is often described as a mix between screen printing and photocopying, as it can only print one color at a time. Re-popularized by a new wave of small press artists, the Risograph has emerged as a new modern medium. I will be creating a frame-by-frame animation printed on the Risograph, carefully scanning each frame onto my computer. As part of my documentation and research, I will make a a series of short Risograph animation experiments, flip books, and other printed matter.

Illustration of a woman's head

Screenshot of Risograph Stop Motion