Rose Sutton

2021 Undergraduate Research Fund Awardee
Collaborative Arts Class of 2024

Rose Sutton

Rose Sutton is an interdisciplinary artist with a passion for film, music, and dance. As a developing performer, Rose has been dancing for four years, and hopes to hone in on this art form, as she is currently involved in two dance groups here at NYU. With primary experience in editing and producing, she has utilized this skillset to enhance her directing and cinematography. She is ecstatic to be working with filmmakers in the near future, pledging for Delta Kappa Alpha, a cinematic fraternity at NYU. Rose’s music video, “Hunger,” was selected in the All American High School Film Festival, as well as other contests. As a collective, Rose’s work is heavily theatrical, and centers on abstract storytelling, with a desire to fuse dance, film, and music into her work. Currently, she is working to develop her production company, “Envisualized Productions,” a space for artists to tell inventive and cutting-edge stories through a deep and meaningful lens. Aside from her production company, Rose hosts a podcast, “Passionate Perspective,” in which she interviews developing young artists.


"Don't Hold The Wall"

My short film, “Don’t Hold The Wall,” is an interactive dance that will explore three paradoxical storylines. This movement piece is inspired by Indian dance styles infused with modern-day genres, such as Jazz Funk and Western Hip Hop. In a deeper sense, this video will tackle dance stereotypes and how we balance individualism with collaboration.

Opening with an inner monologue and dance solo performed by myself, I will recognize the battles I have had to face as a dancer, as I have struggled with cognitive learning differences, dealt with frequent rejection, and often compare myself to those around me – all things that have kept me from being fully present as a performer. My dance will be experimental and hip-hop infused, my style chaotic, yet engaging, and introspective. The monologue will end on a dreadful note of resignation, and this sequence will prelude the rest of the video, as the three storylines are quickly established thereafter.

Storyline one will consist of two dancers in heels, battling each other in an interrogation room over a miscommunication. Their styles will be in opposition of one another: one fluid and graceful in her approach, the other fierce and sharp; both, however, stemming from Jazz Funk influences, as they will symbolize their bold identities and youthful desire for competition. On the contrary, storyline three is a group of dancers who will strictly mimic each other in the style of mainstream hip hop, doing staccato and hard-hitting movements, as they demonstrate complete unity and absence of identity. Storyline two is the single protagonist that will navigate through them, as he tries to find a sense of harmony, and bridge the gap between these polar groups. His Hip Hop style incorporates popping, locking, and breaking, as he will move in increments and interact with the dancers through a sometimes overwhelming, and other times, methodical approach. All styles will incorporate Bhangra rhythms, a folk dance that is lively and vivacious, a unifying component to the piece, although the power struggles prevail. In all three groups, this divide will be further amplified through distinction in wardrobe, lighting, conflicting formations, and varying interactive movement.

Towards the end of the film, there will be a harvest ceremony, the groups highly engaged with one another, a messy unification with cautious embrace. It is here that formations, movements, and obscure shot angles are highly accentuated.

While the groups will be seemingly unified, an element of conflict will still remain. The video will conclude by portraying these three storylines distinctly separate, the protagonist unable to fix the existing divide. My film will require an extensive group of collaborators both on and off-screen, and a diverse cast and crew, all working together and practicing cultural humility to enhance this collective vision.