John Zeng

2021 Undergraduate Research Fund Awardee
Undergraduate Film & TV Class of 2021

John Zeng

John Zeng is a Canadian transplant living in New York. He loves Diet Coke and working as a cinematographer.


Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation is an online platform producing performance videos that catalogue emerging Hip Hop and Pop music artists in New York City. Each video features an artist performing one of their songs in a location that is of personal significance to them. Videos are filmed with a rotating, 360 degree dolly - placing emphasis on their chosen location. 

As filmmakers who want to delve into the music video landscape, Heavy Rotation was built out of the need to collaborate with music artists. We simultaneously created a platform for musicians to show off their work and also a space to explore the intersection between art and urbanism. Through filming and interviewing these musicians, we hope to learn more about how New York City influences their story and creative process.