Phoebe Nakry Lincoln

photographer's portrait

Phoebe Nakry Lincoln is a multimedia artist who grew up in Chicago. Her current work focuses on the amalgamation of past and present photographs, exploring her identity as an adoptee from Cambodia.

Nakry Nakry

What does it mean to not know exactly where you come from? Nakry Nakry is a series of photo collages confronting a myriad of unknowns about my adoption from Cambodia. Through the amalgamation of past and recent photographs from 1998, my mother’s first trip to adopt me, and 2019, my recent trip where I retraced her steps, I untangled and discovered my birth country. The process of taping, scanning, and reprinting, seeks to distance subjects from the original images, reflecting my personal distance from my birthplace. Cutting photographs and piecing them back together with tape symbolizes an ever-changing personal narrative.