Nina Dietz

portrait of the photographer

Nina Dietz is a recent graduate of Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography and Imaging. She is a passionate documentarian and activist, with a particular focus on environmental justice and social responsibility. She has a profound understanding of structural forms stemming from her background in analog. She has a long-standing interest in exploring landscapes where humans and nature intersect and interrogating the outcomes. Her insatiable curiosity drives her perspective of the world. She is a compassionate educator and cares deeply for her community. Nina is committed to using her skills to build a more equitable and sustainable future.

New York Climate: 2020

Nina Dietz’s project New York Climate: 2020 is a call to action, documenting the urgent realities of climate change in often ignored regions of New York, in this case Staten Island and Queens. It demonstrates how, even in New York we are wholly unprepared we are to deal with the multifaceted threats of climate change.


The Last Great Diversion
Nina Dietz

Play on, Play on,
Let the good times roll,

Hit the road,
Flip the bird,

The Reaper is knocking on the door,
The Piper has called to collect,
Our debt is long past due.
And we must face the consequences of our mistakes,

But never you mind,
All our time is on loan,
What’s another ten years?
No?... 5… 

Just 5 more years,
Months, weeks, days,
Just 5 more minutes,
Please, please,
I’ll be better this time, promise.

Bargain, or ignore the shadow at the door,
Let the glitter fall from our hair,
As our rose-colored lenses lie smashed on the floor.\
And we are left with the grit and the glitz and nothing more.

Still we dance,
Why would you ever stop whirling?
You can’t see the wreckage when you're spinning.
Why would you ever stop and think?

The situation may be hopeless, but it need not be serious,
No never serious,
Keep it light, Let the small talk flow,
Laugh, laugh like it hurts… I mean

Isn’t it exciting?
Those aren’t bombs,  just fireworks with pain!
Just keep swimmin’, swimmin’ swimmin’...
We all know the city sunk a long time ago
Don’t be afraid, Just smile, 

You like the glamour and I can’t fix this,
And it’s not like any of this even mattered… Right?