Mariel Llano

portrait of photographer

Mariel Llano was raised in Guaymas, a small town in northern Mexico. Most of her work is inspired by her cultural background and all kinds of facets or particular niches within Mexican culture: with a primary focus on food. Today, as a young artist living in NYC, she continues her career focused on combining food and art as a theme. Telling stories visually by using both food and photos is Llano’s most commonly used theme.

Dulzura (Sweetness) 


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Swirly pinks, vibrant blues, jams and strawberry fillings. Mexican pastries are as lively as its culture. While savory Mexican cooking is dear to many, traditional baked goods are often overlooked. These pastries contain centuries of stories, tradition and flavor. Pastries like conchas, banderillas and mazapanes... by blending Mexican desserts with wearable outfits, you’re invited to discover new ways to experience the sweetly layered culture.