Jack Seidenberg


Jack Seidenberg is a 35mm black and white street photographer based in New York City. In 2017, Seidenberg shot his first roll after buying a cheap 35mm camera off a coworker at a local coffee shop. A year later, Seidenberg moved back to New York City and resumed his studies at Tisch’s Department of Photography and Imaging. Seidenberg is currently working on two long-term documentary projects. In South Williamsburg, Seidenberg takes photographs of the Satmar dynasty of Hassidic Jews. Following his passion for music, Seidenberg documents the New York jazz scene working with artists from Lee Konitz to Thundercat.

Seven Stars

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On a search to find the isolation and emotional alienation described by my favorite authors’ Tokyo, I was taken by the sense of purpose found on the streets. I could not tell if the energy was people running towards their destination, or a way of escaping themselves. But how much of my existential dread was I projecting? While shooting Tokyo, was I trying to run from my lack of purpose or was it an attempt to open up emotionally in a different context? With the sensibility of a flaneur, I captured the urban strangeness I passed while contemplating those questions.