Erica Jordan Palmieri


Erica Palmieri is a 21 year old photographer living in New York City. At 12 years old she picked up her mom's Nikon DSLR and instantly fell in love. From there, Erica has won multiple awards from National Geographic and was awarded an Honorable Mention in Photojournalism by International Photographer of the Year. Additionally, she has had her images displayed in Vice President Joe Biden's home. Since graduating from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Photography and Imaging, Erica continues to create photographic series that are a reflection of herself and the world around her.


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Chrysalis is a personal reflection on my adolescent years, specifically between 12 and 18 years old. Starting at a young age, I developed an inner critic that stemmed from my psychological diagnoses, social pressures, and crippling fears. After rediscovering stacks of my journals from those years only a few months ago, my first instinct was to throw them away. I was afraid and anxious to address that dark time of my life again. Instead of doing so, I decided for them to have a new purpose. My goal for this series was to face these challenges head on, overcoming personal shame through self-discovery and ultimately connecting my past to my future. I utilized my memories, word-for-word entries from my childhood journals, and old and new images to create visual representations of my experiences. As a result, the creation of this series has put the past where it belongs. I continue to honor these formative years as a guide to the happier, healthier person I am today.