Ember Hua

photo of photographer Ember Hua

Ember Hua began his career as a photographer eight years ago taking cinematic portraits. Now, he pays attention to the beauty of mundane scenes and is moved by the diversity of people’s stories. His recent photo project is characterized by his styles of intentional, incisive lighting, juxtaposed with captures of candid moments. Other previous work includes a large-format photography project of the billboards in NYC titled “The Wall of Tears”, a black-and-white documentary project of the Jazz club Smalls in New York, and a photobook of a collaborate documentary on the Hong Kong protest and the city’s serene beauty before violent strikes.

In Flux

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The two juxtaposed styles of images––internal portraits and external scenes––compose the interconnected relation of the detachment that emerges from the intention of individual expression and the desire of belonging.

Our individual expressions generate the inevitable feeling of detachment whilst we search for belonging to dissolve the detachment of introspective existence once and for all. Seeing individual essence in ourselves and in others, we would realise that the existence of the self provides the foundation for the sense of belonging. The sense of belonging comes from the collective-“selves.”