Daniela Loya

photographer's portrait

Daniela Loya is a New York City based conceptual and experimental artist working primarily with themes related to identity and introspection. Loya seeks closure and personal growth through her photography.  She is drawn towards photographing her various fears and anxieties making every project she completes have a deeply personal connection to the artist. Whether it be pursuing underwater photography with a fear of open water or using her mouth as the camera to address those she has hurt in the past, Daniela is drawn towards experimental and experiential processes that allow her to face her fears and anxieties head-on.

Left Unsaid

Left Unsaid is about healing and coming to terms with past mistakes. Using her mouth as the physical camera, Loya apologizes for the hurtful words that were once spoken and captures the moments when what has been left unsaid for so long is finally expressed. 

The abnormal shapes of the photographs are due to the fact that the artist had to individually cut each frame of film in complete darkness in order to fit the film in her mouth. The image is then created as she opens her mouth exposing the film to light as she engages with her subjects.