Angelica Milagros Negron


Photographer Angelica Negron graduated from NYU Tisch’s Photography and Imaging program in 2020. Her love for photography was innate and she has been developing her craft since highschool. Her older brother, who is severely autistic, shaped Angelica as an empathetic individual with a passion for social justice. Consequently, she minored in Art and Public Policy and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. Additionally, Angelica has an adoration for travel and utilizes both film and digital photography to capture street style photographs as she travels around the world.

Dear Autism Siblings

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One in 59 people in the United States have autism; consequentially impacting countless families. While there are many resources available to help parents cope with the challenges that arise while raising an autistic child, siblings are often left out of the equation. All sibling relationships are complex, but the relationships between people with autism and their siblings are especially unique. Through photographs, Dear Autism Siblings showcases the happy, public moments these siblings share. To give the world a more personal look into our lives, this series includes anonymous letters written by siblings, showing fellow siblings that we are never alone.